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Medicare Quote Engine

The days of going through rate sheets for every insurance carrier are over thanks to the Medicare Quote Engine, a proprietary quoting system we developed exclusively for our agents.


It allows them to quickly quote the leading types of plans in the Senior Insurance market.

  • Faster. In mere seconds, our agents can quote Medicare Supplement and Final Expense plans and compare Medicare Advantage and Part D benefits and enrollment stats. Plus, our agents have one-click access to applications, outlines of coverage, and licensing right from our Quote Engine.
  • Better. Agents can look at rates, plans, and data for every company so they can make the best decisions for their clients.
  • Smarter. Like all of our proprietary technology, the Quote Engine was developed with three themes in mind: efficiency, speed, and intelligence. It helps our agents make decisions faster, more efficiently, and better for their clients.


An always-learning neural network that analyzes all publicly available Medicare information and not only predicts which plan is best for any county, but also tells a story about its past and present.

  • Faster. We’ve collected hundreds of hours’ worth of CMS enrollment data and organized it in a way that makes it instantly available. Insight ranks the plans based on our proprietary system. With this program, our agents can just read the findings right off the page.
  • Better. Insight turns government data into useful and available information, which our agents then use to make business decisions based on proven analytics. By positioning their clients in the best plans with the best possible futures, they save time and energy and ultimately make more money.
  • Smarter. It automatically provides high-level target demographics for each county in the country and ranks plans to help our agents focus on the right opportunities. It also connects our agents to product specifics, like benefits, so they can know everything possible about a plan. Plus, each month, new data is uploaded into the system and its predictions become more accurate.