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At Ritter Insurance Marketing, we understand the busy lives of our agents. They want to make sure their clients are being well taken care of, but they’re often on the go and their workdays can extend into evening hours after our offices have closed. That’s where myRitter comes in. It’s a portal of resources that allows agents to solve problems for their clients 24/7.


Ritter Calendar

A web-based application that manages agents’ sales appointments with insurance carriers.

  • Faster. This application quickly, efficiently, and securely delivers appointments to our agents and provides real-time analytics and feedback. With its simple interface, agents can disposition their appointment results in mere seconds.
  • Better. It requires minimal manual intervention, so the margin for error is also minimal. Plus, it allows us to export data daily and track productivity to maximize results.
  • Smarter. Its logic delivers leads according to date, time, zip code/territory, and availability, and automatically assigns appointments to our agents.


A unique application that allows agents who are contracted and producing business with select carriers to keep tabs on the status of their own applications, their downline’s business, and any levels in between.

  • Faster. We key select applications for our agents so they don’t have to, which frees up valuable time, ensures completeness, and eliminates back and forth. Submissions get loaded in real time as we process the business. Agents have the option to fax business to our toll-free fax line or securely upload enrollments via our myBiz portal.
  • Better. After we process these applications, we email our agents to let them know we received them and that they’re available on myBiz. Our agents can then view them and check on their status 24/7, so they can keep their clients updated.
  • Smarter. We store client data for our agents so they don’t need to spend time reentering it later, and we encrypt it for privacy and compliance. Agents can download their submission or enrollment files to track statuses and reconcile commission payments.


Ritter’s own custom-built Customer Relationship Management system that allows licensed agents to store and manage their book of business for free.

  • Faster. Once our agents upload their clients’ data, they can add notes, track the products they’ve sold, create tasks, and much more—all at the touch of a button.
  • Better. rCRM makes it easy to separate leads from prospects so our agents know who they can reach out to. The fields were designed with Medicare beneficiaries in mind and they store the information our agents need.
  • Smarter. It securely and efficiently delivers leads from various sources to our agents, and we can export analytics on these leads to ensure success.


We give our MGAs (Managing General Agents) exceptional visibility into their agents’ business.

  • Faster. Looking to onboard agents quickly? Our licensing system enables you to get your agents onboarded and producing business fast. Our MGAs have the ability to instantly access their downline agents’ contracts, business, commission levels, writing numbers, states of appointment, and more.
  • Better. We have a policy of protecting downlines for our agencies. Our licensing system allows agencies to easily cross-license their agents with a variety of companies and products.
  • Smarter. After registering and logging into our website, MGAs have everything they need to manage and foster their business, plus more products for their agents to sell.