Leads & Marketing
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We generate leads for our agents through several different methods, all of which are tested and proven to help our agents work faster, better, and smarter.

  • rCRM
    Our custom-built Customer Relationship Management system delivers leads from various sources to our agents securely and efficiently.
  • Ritter Calendar
    We developed this application to go a step beyond leads and actually deliver appointments to our agents. We receive the appointments from the carriers, upload the data into the system, and then its logic takes over and assigns the appointments automatically.
  • Lead Cards
    We've figured out which lead cards work best for Medicare Supplement and Final Expense, and we offer these high-quality direct mailers to our agents. Most of them can be customized for our agents’ target audience.
  • Medicareful
    Available exclusively through Ritter, this tool allows agents to generate leads and collect compliant permission to contact and Scopes of Appointment online. Learn more at Medicareful.RitterIM.com.
  • Prospect Lists
    We also offer our agents the opportunity to purchase affordable name lists that can be customized with the zip code, income, and age criteria they’re interested in targeting.