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We have top contracts available for our entire suite of products, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D, Life, Annuities, and Final Expense.

As pioneers of Senior Insurance in the digital age, we’ve created an online licensing system that instantly prefills appointment paperwork with our agents’ contact information to make contracting with new companies quick and easy.

  • Faster. Prefilled contracts save our agents time in two ways: since a portion of the paperwork is automatically done for them, they can fill it out faster. Plus, many contracts are fully electronic, so they no longer have to print them, fill them out by hand, and then fax them to us.
  • Better. Our electronic contracting system doesn’t allow paperwork to be filled out incompletely, which reduces errors. Even if an agent just forgets to check a box, it’s considered an error, which could slow down the appointment process by about a week. So, thanks to our practically foolproof paperwork, our agents get appointed a lot faster than agents who don’t take advantage of it.
  • Smarter. Prefilled paperwork is made possible by integration between our contracting system and our agent-management system.