What We Offer
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We equip our agents with the technology and support they need to make faster, better, and smarter decisions for their clients.


Live Support
Our experienced staff has the knowledge and means necessary to answer our agents’ questions and address their needs, saving them time and helping them make sound decisions.

Medicare Quote Engine
Our proprietary application instantly quotes and compares leading plans in the Senior Insurance market, which recovers valuable extra time.

Company Resources
Our online forms and webpages guide our agents through every aspect of working with our insurance carriers, helping them be more efficient.

Medicare Blog
Ritter President, Craig Ritter, helps our agents understand what’s going on in the Senior Market Insurance industry so they don’t have to spend nearly as much time looking up, perusing, and translating jargon-laden articles and documents.

Agent Services
Our agents can track and resolve outstanding issues online, which is quick and convenient. Plus, they enjoy strong commissions and lucrative bonus opportunities that we distribute timely and efficiently.

Carrier Appointments
We make our agents’ appointment data readily available to them on our website, and our Ritter Calendar delivers appointments to them automatically, which gives them less to worry about and helps them be more efficient.

Lead Management System
Our rCRM effectively delivers leads to our agents and allows them to better manage their clients.

Prefilled Licensing
Our online licensing system instantly prefills appointment paperwork with our agents’ contact information to make contracting with new companies quick and easy.

Subsidized Errors & Omissions Program
Our agents can be protected through our affordable Agent Blanket policy, which takes away a big worry and allows them to fully focus on their business.

Cost of coverage for the year is prorated based on which month you purchase coverage:

  • January to March: $150
  • April to June: $100
  • July to September: $50
  • October to December: FREE