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“The key to fostering one-on-one relationships with agents is solving the smaller problems while also focusing on the bigger picture.” — Gavin Izaguirre, Service Support Lead


We are proud to have Gavin Izaguirre leading our service support team. He works closely with agents to create one-on-one relationships that make them feel listened to and supported, helping to make Ritter Insurance Marketing one of the leading field marketing organizations in the industry.

Gavin knows the value of creating positive customer service experiences for agents and resolving issues in a timely manner. Our agents’ success is Ritter’s success! Our service support team works hard to answer all of your inquiries about:

  • Commissions
  • Carrier contact info
  • Updating your hierarchy structure for payments
  • Book of business transfers
  • Updating ACH and tax information

Fill out the form or call our team at 800-769-1847 to find out the other services we offer that make us #MoreThanMedicare.

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