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MediGold is a not-for-profit Medicare Advantage carrier that's been serving Medicare beneficiaries since 1997. They offer cost-effective health and drug coverage, a high-quality provider network, and local customer service in Idaho, Iowa, and Ohio.

Why MediGold?

  • Cost-effective health and drug coverage
  • High quality network of providers
  • Secure broker portal
  • Sell online with Medicareful!

Why Ritter?

  • Simplified online contracting and sales and operations support from expert staff
  • The Platform – Your personal online dashboard to streamline client management, quoting, submissions, and commissions
  • Medicareful – Your FREE client-facing website for online enrollment with prefilled apps

With Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio, Iowa, and New York, Medigold provides high-quality heath care with premiums generally more affordable than Medicare Supplements.

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