Contract to Sell Clover Health Medicare Products

Clover Medicare Advantage plans have all the necessities, like hospital coverage, doctor visits, and drug plans, plus additional coverage like vision, dental, and hearing.

Why Clover Health?

  • 20% on average membership growth per year
  • Broker Portals for sales & marketing
  • Helpful broker resources like guides, FAQs & checklists
  • Opportunities to host local broker events with Medicare eligibles

Why Ritter?

  • Simplified online contracting and sales and operations support from expert staff
  • The Platform – Your personal online dashboard to streamline client management, quoting, submissions, and commissions
  • Medicareful – Your FREE client-facing website for online enrollment with prefilled apps

Clover Health’s high-quality and affordable Medicare Advantage plans are designed to keep their members’ out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. They also focus on preventive care and providing their members with healthcare that supports and enhances their lives. Additionally, Clover Health ranked as one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans by percent growth in the country for the 2020 and 2021 AEPs. Take advantage of offering your clients a competitive Medicare Advantage plan by partnering with Clover Health!

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Anthony Atticks
800-769-1847 x2416
[email protected]


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