Contract to Sell Cigna Medicare Products

Cigna is a global health service company dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries improve their health and well-being, while giving peace of mind by making health care simple, affordable, and predictable. As your partner in health, Cigna is available for customers 24/7 to help them meet their health goals.

Why Cigna?

  • Affordable Medicare plans
  • Comprehensive Broker Portal
  • Assistance from Ritter's expert Cigna Rep

Why Ritter?

  • Simplified online contracting and sales and operations support from expert staff
  • The Platform – Your personal online dashboard to streamline client management, quoting, submissions, and commissions
  • Medicareful – Your FREE client-facing website for online enrollment with prefilled apps

Cigna is trusted by more than 165 million customers, and has been for more than 225 years. Their goal is to provide their members with comprehensive and affordable health care coverage that’s easy to understand and readily accessible. Members can get even more from their Medicare coverage with no-cost perks that are bundled with Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans. Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your client’s Medicare coverage from Cigna!

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Nicole Bedard
800-769-1847 x1244
[email protected]


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