Things to Think About Post-AEP

Congratulations! Break out the confetti because you survived AEP! Take a moment to relax, but don’t pause for too long.

Now’s the time to ensure you have a clear way to track your business while continuing to help your clients into the new year. We’ve put together a few tips on how to wrap up your busy season.

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Organize Your AEP Book

Start off by reviewing all your submitted enrollments and make sure your files are in order. Choose a method of organization that will help you easily find the information you need.

Next, make sure to enter your AEP business data into a single tracking tool. You can choose from a simple Excel spreadsheet or customer relationship management (CRM) software, like the Clients feature inside of the Ritter Platform. The information built into each record should include enough details to help you know what to expect for commission payout come January, and to help you with accurate record-keeping in general. CRMs come in many different formats and price points, so they’re worth researching before committing to one.

These are some of the fields we suggest including in your personal tracker:

  • Full member name
  • Member date of birth
  • Medicare ID number
  • Member address
  • Member phone number
  • Carrier name
  • Product selected
  • Date the application was signed
  • Date the application was submitted to the carrier
  • Indicator of Replacement or New to Medicare (will determine the amount of commission owed)
  • Amount of expected commission

Post-AEP Tip: Organize your AEP book of business into a single tracking tool.

Track Your AEP business

Once you’ve organized your book of business, you need to verify that each enrollment has been processed and you are listed as the agent of record. There are a few ways to accomplish this task.

Carrier Broker Portal

Some carriers offer an online business tracker. Make sure the information displayed matches the enrollments you’ve input into your CRM. If the carrier’s tracker is missing any enrollments, then submit an inquiry to the carrier. Many organizations offer an online help desk option which can save you time.

Carrier Broker Support Line

If a carrier does not offer an online service, you will have to call into their broker services department to inquire about each enrollment individually. This process can take a while, so pack some patience and count on waiting.

The Ritter Platform

If your MAPD and/or PDP enrollments are submitted directly to Ritter for processing, you can track your enrollments through the Submissions tab in the Ritter Platform. (Note: You must log in to to access this feature). If you don’t have an account yet, signing up is free and simple! Register with Ritter today and gain access to all of the great features within the Platform and more.

Ritter Carrier Pages

On our website’s carrier pages, you’ll find links to carrier websites and contact information, including help desk numbers.

Post-AEP Tip: Verify that each enrollment has been processed and you’re listed as the agent of record.

Tracking Commissions

January is a busy month for commission payouts, so make sure you don’t miss any notifications. Verify that your email and other personal information is on file with Ritter and the carriers whose products you’ve sold throughout AEP.

If you’re a partnered Ritter agent, you can always check your commissions statements for commissions paid by Ritter on the Commissions tab of the Platform.

If you find you’re missing commissions, contact your field marketing organization (FMO) for guidance and assistance, or contact the carrier directly. To help expedite the process, make sure you have access to the following policy information:

  • Member name
  • Medicare ID numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Policy number (if available)
  • Date of application
  • Product selected

Track your commissions so you know exactly what payments should be coming.

Don’t be left in the dark about your own book of business! Take the time now to make sure your files are complete and organized. You’ll save yourself time and stress in January by knowing what commission payments you should be expecting.

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Working with Ritter as your FMO gives you access to contracting with many preferred carriers, as well as a proprietary CRM with built-in quoting technology. You also receive unbeatable support from knowledgeable and well-trained staff who are dedicated to help you succeed through AEP and beyond! If you’re ready to boost your business with us by your side, register with Ritter for free and get started today!

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