NAHU 2023 Medicare Certification Training

For another year, NAHU is offering a Medicare certification training for agents who’d like to sell 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D products for the Annual Enrollment Period. So, get ready because NAHU’s 2023 certification opens June 22, 2022!

Below, we’ve complied all you need to know about this alternative to AHIP Medicare certification, including why you should consider certifying with NAHU vs. AHIP Medicare certification.

What Is NAHU?

NAHU, which stands for The National Association of Health Underwriters, is a professional organization that represents more than 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants, and benefit professionals across the United States. According to its site, it is “the only trade organization that represents professional agents and brokers who work with Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare products.”

NAHU frequently advocates on behalf of insurance industry professionals with legislators and has many professional development training courses available for agents, brokers, consultants, and benefit administrators.

2023 NAHU Medicare Certification Training

A few years ago, the broker/agent community already familiar with NAHU’s nationally recognized certification courses, asked NAHU to develop an alternative Medicare Advantage certification to those offered by other providers in years past. NAHU’s board of trustees provided a directive to get this accomplished in 2020, and the organization followed through. With two years of successful training under their belt, the organization is back, offering 2023 certification!

NAHU 2023 Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Compliance Requirements certification training opens June 22, 2022. Agents and brokers can complete this training through the NAHU Online Learning Institute for $100. You don’t have to be a member of NAHU to take the certification, but members enjoy access to additional resources and savings.

For agents new to NAHU’s certification process, there is a helpful NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training User Guide that outlines how to create an account, purchase and access the training, and take the final exam in the Online Learning Institute.

Important Information to Keep in Mind

NAHU’s certification meets all of CMS’ requirements, however, it is important to note not all carriers accept this certification. Luckily, you can access their convenient list of carriers that accept their Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Compliance Requirements certification training for the 2023 plan year.

Upon passing the NAHU final exam, agents and brokers receive a certificate of completion that they can upload or transfer to carriers. NAHU has filed the training for eight CE credits in all 50 states. You can see if your state has approved the NAHU Medicare certification CE credits here.

Discover more details! View our NAHU Medicare Certification FAQs

Why Should Agents Consider Certifying with NAHU vs. AHIP for 2023?

While NAHU may not yet be as widely accepted by carriers as AHIP, it does boast a lower cost, CE credits at no cost, and a streamlined format, among other perks. It may be worth looking into whether or not your carriers accept this form of Medicare certification!

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Interested in NAHU certification for 2023 Medicare sales? Visit the NAHU Online Learning Institute.

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