Innovate Your Medicare Business Marketing with Medicareful Living

Anyone with a business knows it’s important to have effective marketing strategies. Traditional and modern marketing tactics can generate quality leads, but Medicareful Living can take your Medicare marketing to the top.

Let’s explore all Medicareful Living has to offer, and how it can enhance your Medicare business marketing!

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What Is Medicareful Living?

Medicareful Living is a blog produced by Ritter that accompanies Medicareful, our consumer-facing quoting and enrollment site. The purpose of the blog is to help Medicare-eligibles improve their knowledge about their health, diet, Medicare options, and more! From what to do if your Medicare card is lost or stolen to ways to save money while traveling, Medicareful Living covers it all!

Content is published daily that you can share with current clients and leads.

Our Medicareful Living team publishes content daily. You can share our content with current clients and leads to show your industry expertise, enrich their lives, and you guessed it — market your business!

How You Can Market Your Business with Medicareful Living

There are a few different ways you can accomplish effective marketing using Medicareful Living’s content. Our suggestions are below.

Please keep in mind you must follow email marketing rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the CAN-SPAM Act.

Market Using Medicareful Living Blog Articles

The blog is equipped with social media links, enabling you to post a blog article directly to your favorite social media outlets. Medicareful Living articles can be especially useful during the Annual Enrollment Period. Catch attention for your business during Medicare’s busiest season by sharing one of Medicareful Living’s fun or informative articles.

Catch attention for your business during Medicare’s busiest season by sharing one of Medicareful Living’s fun or informative articles.

An email option also makes it easy for you to send specific blog posts to clients. Say you have someone who is unsure about all of the Medicare enrollment options. You can impress and educate them in seconds by sending them Medicareful Living’s comprehensive article on the topic!

It’s important to remember, if you provide your clients with the URL to Medicareful Living, be sure to include your personal slug from your Medicareful website. Your slug ensures that all clients who click the FIND YOUR PLAN option are directed to your Medicareful website (e.g.,!

Subscribe to Medicareful Living’s Newsletter

To stay up to date with Medicareful Living’s content, your clients can subscribe to receive a weekly Medicareful Living Newsletter. It’s important to remember that agents are not allowed to sign up beneficiaries without their expressed approval.

A nice alternative to getting clients to sign up themselves is to subscribe to the newsletter yourself! This way, you can receive weekly content updates, and paste the content you like into your own email to those who might be interested. Just always make sure you’re on your Medicareful Living page, so all links are connected to your page, and that you’re adhering to email marketing compliance guidelines!

The Medicareful Living Newsletter is great way to keep in touch with clients and provide them valuable content. If you’d like to receive it, you can fill out the form at the bottom or side of the Medicareful Living blog.

Note: If a user subscribes to the newsletter when on your version of the Medicareful Living site (i.e. your agent slug is in the URL), all links in their weekly newsletter email will automatically have your slug attached!

Share Medicareful Living’s Video Content

In addition to daily blog content, Medicareful Living features videos and even has a YouTube channel! The videos on Medicareful Living’s website are broken down into four categories:

  • Medicare Basics — Provides a crash course on the basics of Medicare.
  • Medicareful Help — Features video tutorials designed to help your clients use Medicareful.
  • Medicareful TV — Content promoting living happy and healthy lives at any age.
  • Medicareful Yum — A collection of easy-to-follow delicious and nutritious recipes.

Similarly, the Medicareful Living YouTube channel is filled with short, informative videos on topics including Medicare, lifestyle, diet, and health. Just like the blog articles, these videos can be shared on your social media accounts.

86 percent of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads.

Videos can pique the interest of consumers. In fact, a recent survey revealed 86 percent of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, and this number has only increased since 2019. So, sharing Medicareful Living’s fun and attention-grabbing videos is a simple and easy way to enhance your social media marketing!

Promote with Perks like Medicareful Living’s Cookbook

There’s no better way to market your business than alongside something fun and useful, like The Medicareful Living Family Cookbook. This free, digital cookbook contains 40 tested and family-loved recipes that your clients can make and enjoy. And, think about it, which agent will be more memorable — the one who gave out a pen or the one who gave out a cookbook? We know which one we’d remember!

Here’s a little sneak peek inside!


Why This Form of Non-Traditional Marketing Works

There are quite a few reasons why marketing non-traditionally with Medicareful Living is an effective strategy. First, Medicareful Living gives you the ability to provide fast and accurate Medicare information to your clients. The blog’s Medicare content is comprehensive and easy to understand and access. Clients will be impressed by your industry expertise and fast responsiveness.

Sharing Medicareful Living can also contribute to building trust with your consumers. Research has revealed that many people have a lack of trust with traditional forms of marketing, like TV, newspaper, and radio ads. And not only that, but non-traditional marketing tactics are generally more creative and memorable than traditional techniques. Additionally, Medicareful Living and all of its features and perks involve no obligations. So, you’ll potentially gain more credibility, stand out from competition, and not have to spend a dime!

A Peek at Marketing Success with Medicareful Living

To put the effectiveness of marketing with Medicareful Living into perspective, here are a couple of statistics:

  • In 2021, there were 495 clicks from an agent-shared Medicareful Living page (URL included their slug) over to their Medicareful site.
  • Additionally, 19 enrollments were closed in 2021 as a result of these types of clicks.

You may be thinking, 19 is a small number, but any enrollment is a success, even if it’s just one. And now you know about the potential that you didn’t before! Second, sending Medicareful Links including your slug isn’t time consuming, difficult, or of any cost to you. So, getting an enrollment or two by sharing fun and informative content that’s readily available to you sounds like a score to us!

● ● ●

Medicareful Living and its features are ready and waiting to help you gain leads and retain your current clients. There’s only room to grow when you incorporate Medicareful Living into your business’ marketing!

Medicareful Living and Medicareful are powered by Ritter Insurance Marketing. Ritter strives to provide support and resources for all components of an insurance agent’s business — marketing, sales, retention, and more. Medicareful Living is one asset out of many that Ritter provides. Sign up to become a Ritter agent for free and let us help you exceed your business goals.

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