9 Tips to Submitting an Error-Free Application

Any time an application gets flagged during the submission process, it’s a delay on your clients’ coverage and your commission. What if we told you we can help you avoid stalled applications?

Throughout the year, Ritter Insurance Marketing processes thousands of enrollment applications for agents. To help you ensure your submissions pass through the system cleanly, we worked with Ritter’s New Business team to put together some tips for completing flawless applications.

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1. Write Neatly and Legibly

Using a pen with blue or black ink, do your best to keep your handwriting easy-to-read. If there’s any room for interpretation, Ritter or the carrier will end up circling back to confirm what’s meant, which delays the process.

2. Keep in Compliance with SOA Rules

CMS’ rules on Scopes of Appointment (SOAs) changed in 2018. While you must still complete an SOA prior to an appointment, it’s no longer required to document an SOA 48 hours in advance.

Keep in mind, even with this major change, some carriers may maintain their current policies. You’re still responsible for following the procedures of the carriers you represent.

3. Provide Details Where Required

If an applicant answers “yes” to any health question that requires additional information, be sure to provide that information.

4. Select a PCP When Necessary

If an applicant would like a carrier to auto-assign a primary care physician (PCP), be sure to note that in the appropriate field. Some plans require a PCP selection, so leaving this field blank could hold up an application’s approval.

5. Match the Attestation with the Election Period

The attestation of eligibility needs to align with the selection of IEP, AEP, or SEP selected in the agent/office use section of the application. If you need clarification for which period to select, you can ask any of Ritter’s Agent Account Specialists.

6. Never Alter a Client’s Signature

Even though you may have the best of intentions, altering a client’s signature on an application is strictly prohibited.

7. Make Sure the Application is Complete

Every portion is important to us, the carrier, and your client. Take the time to run through an application twice, then be sure to submit it with the appropriate fax cover sheet.

8. Submit the Application on Time

Applications must be submitted to Ritter within 24 hours, so that they can arrive at the carrier no later than 48 hours from the agent’s signature date.

If you’re late, you risk being penalized by the carrier. Plus, why hold things up? A delayed enrollment is a delayed commission.

9. When in Doubt, Call for Help

Your business is serving your clients, and our business is serving you. If you have any questions about submitting an application, don’t hesitate to call Ritter for assistance.

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