5 Tips on How to Sell Insurance Over the Phone

Phone sales are a classic method of selling insurance, but as every sale today requires more speed and ease, it’s important to be efficient while competitive.

With our guide to more effective phone calls, you’ll not only make smarter sales, but you’ll prove to your clients that you’re the agent they’re looking for.

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1. Make Your Calls Smart

It’s important to have an idea of the plans in your area before engaging with clients over the phone. You don’t want to scramble in the moment! Come from a place of authority with your own Medicareful site. Only available through Ritter, this unique platform is powered by our proprietary Medicare Quote Engine, which is packed with plan premium, deductible, and copay data along with much more.

Familiarize yourself with Medicareful’s plan finder to learn about plans in your area and to guide your clients through the quote, comparison, and enrollment process.

2. Take Notes on Your Clients

Learn about what your clients seek in an insurance plan by asking about their future plans, their daily life, and health concerns, and write them down. The best way to remember your clients’ needs for future reference is by taking notes! Use the CRM within the Ritter Platform to take notes while on a call, create tasks, and store info while selling insurance over the phone.

3. Keep Your Phone Calls Efficient

You need tools and information the moment your clients request it, and it needs to be as accurate and up to date as possible. You can share the Medicareful plan results for your client’s zip code with just a few clicks and then review the plan benefits together.

There’s a chance your client may show interest in a local plan that’s not in your portfolio but should be. Ritter’s streamlined online contracting application connects you with the products your clients want. Use pre-filled contracting with Ritter’s online licensing system after your phone call. Our full-time licensing team touts a rapid turnaround on contracts year-round.

4. Prove You’re Better Than the Rest

Take the time to learn about the impact plans will have on your clients with as much focus as you do the products themselves and how to sell them. Then give them a personalized rundown! It’s in this way you’ll assert yourself as an expert on the plans in your area.

There’s no better way to show your unique value as an agent than to share your Medicareful site with clients. Over the phone, you can talk them through searching and comparing plans before they enroll completely online, no wet signature required.

5. Build Relationships and Sales

Get to know your clients and invest in them! By calling clients ahead of AEP to schedule an appointment, you can build your relationship with them. You can do this by asking about their family, interests, and friends. Keep notes on each of your clients with the CRM in the Ritter Platform and look at previous notes and bring up something they mentioned the last time you spoke on the phone. With this personability, you’re acknowledging your client as more than business, and ensuring retention and loyalty.

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