5 Tips for Using Medicareful to Sell More Medicare Plans

Medicareful gives agents the potential to double or triple their capacity to safely engage prospects and enroll clients! How can you maximize your site and Medicare sales?

To start, request your free Medicareful page here! (If you need a qualifying contract, reach out to your Ritter Representative, and they’ll get you set up!) Then, follow these tips.

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1. Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Site

We designed Medicareful as a lead-generating site. Are you giving it the chance to generate leads for you? If you don’t have a Medicareful marketing strategy, then you likely aren’t maximizing its lead-generating potential!

Start with the basics: Medicareful marketing pieces. Ritter’s got you covered there — we offer several pre-designed, customizable Medicareful marketing pieces for our Medicareful agents, including newspaper ads, table tents, slim jims, brochures, posters, web banners, and landing pages. Depending on what you’d like, we can update these pieces to include to your name, contact info, unique Medicareful URL, and logo.

View examples of our Medicareful advertising pieces and request customized ads here

Once you have marketing pieces, get them out for the world to see! Establish relationships with affinity partners, then ask them to display and actually hand out your ads and verbally refer you to their clients. (The more you encourage them to actively market on your behalf, the better!) If someone hears about or sees your website, and visits it later, they can fill out the electronic permission-to-contact/Scope of Appointment (eScope) form. Then, you have a new lead you can schedule an appointment with!

Examples of great Medicareful affinity partners:

  • Senior centers
  • Retirement communities
  • Churches
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctor offices
  • Financial planners

2. Activate Your Carriers’ Direct Enroll Buttons

Did you know that your clients can enroll in over 19 major carriers’ Medicare Advantage and Part D plans directly through your site? As long as you have a site and the contracts, all you need to do is activate your direct enrollment buttons for these carriers, and they’ll display on your site!

Did you know that your clients can enroll in over 19 major carriers’ Medicare Advantage and Part D plans directly through your site?

Once you’ve registered for a site and have your page set up, you can simply check the proper boxes on this website to activate your direct enrollment buttons. This is a convenient way for your clients enroll in plans and allows you to save time and energy on paper apps, so we recommend taking advantage of it!

3. Encourage Your Clients to Create a Medicareful Profile

Agents who have their own Medicareful site will notice it features a log in button. This allows your clients to log in to your Medicareful page. As a logged in user to your site, your clients can view their existing plan info; add and view their prescription drug information (including their dosage and quantity); input their preferred pharmacy and preferred primary care physician, specialist, and hospitals; share their current demographic and contact info with you; view their Scopes of Appointment, and more! If a client chooses to share their info with you, you’ll see it in the Ritter Platform! Having access to all this information will also make it faster and easier for you to ensure they have the right plan for their needs and preferences from year to year and one AEP to the next.

4. Utilize Medicareful to Complete Remote Sales

You can certainly use Medicareful when you’re sitting next to a client, but do you know how to best utilize the site when they’re on the other end of the phone? Sometimes, a face-to-face appointment isn’t possible or recommended, such as during a pandemic. Luckily, Medicareful is a CMS-approved tool that allows you to obtain permission-to-contact, collect Scope of Appointments, and quote and enroll clients all from the comfort of your own home. Your clients may just feel more at ease knowing they can work with you without either of you risking your health or well-being. Check out our Medicareful Enrollment Process Guide for the exact steps on how to complete an application using Medicareful remotely!

View the Medicareful Enrollment Process Guide

5. Provide Value to Your Clients with Medicareful Living

We created Medicareful Living as a companion blog to our Medicareful site that focuses on helping seniors improve their knowledge about their health, diet, Medicare options, and more! Our staff publishes content to it daily that you can forward to your clients to show your expertise and enrich their lives. Using the social media links on the blog, you can post a blog article directly to your favorite social media outlet. The site also contains an email option to send the webpage to your clients. If you provide your clients with the URL to Medicareful Living, be sure to include your personal slug from your Medicareful website to ensure all clients that click the FIND YOUR PLAN option are directed to your Medicareful website (e.g., https://living.medicareful.com?agent=craigritter)!

Our staff publishes content to this blog daily that you can forward to your clients to show your expertise and enrich their lives.

Medicareful Living also includes an option for you and your clients to subscribe to receive a weekly Medicareful Living Newsletter. If you’d like to receive it, just fill out the form at the bottom of the Medicareful Living blog.

BONUS: Keep Up to Date with Medicareful Developments

We put a lot of work into Medicareful and are always releasing new features, adding new carriers, and updating our marketing materials. You can stay on top of new features and developments by getting on our Medicareful Minute email newsletter list and attending our Medicareful webinars. Updates that are right around the corner include a Drug Cost Estimator built into the Ritter Platform, prefilled applications, and direct enrollment buttons for additional carriers/plans. You won’t want to miss out on these enhancements, once they’re available!

● ● ●

If you’re looking for a safe, easy way to meet and enroll more clients online, Medicareful is here as your no-cost enrollment website. Use these tips as a starting point to get more Medicare sales via your own site, and if you’d like more info, check out our Medicareful User Guide, our how-to videos, or our post on how Medicareful can help you sell ancillary products, too! As always, feel free to contact our Medicareful Specialists for even more tips.

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