4 Perks of Partnering with an FMO

As an insurance agent, do you ever feel like you need some help? This industry has many moving parts and it can be difficult to keep track of everything yourself. Luckily, there are teams of professionals ready to assist you!

A field marketing organization (FMO) is a company that supports independent insurance agents in their sales endeavors and client retention. FMOs provide an extra level of support to agents through excellent customer service and state-of-the-art resources and tools.

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When considering whether or not to partner with an FMO, you will naturally have some questions: “What will it cost?” or “How much would this kind of partnership really improve my sales process?”

Below we cover four reasons why partnering with an FMO — like Ritter Insurance Marketing — is a huge perk!

1. Extensive Medicare Support Services at No Cost

First things first, some FMOs do not charge a fee for their services, and Ritter is one of them! There is no charge or obligation to partner with us. Registering with Ritter is also free, and doing so will grant you access to all of our exclusive tools and resources that will enhance your engagement with your clients!

More than Medicare

Of course, we can’t speak on behalf of all FMOs, but here at Ritter, we are more than Medicare. Beyond offering a vast array of health and life products, we have knowledgeable and energetic support staff ready to help you through every step of the sales process.

Ritter partners with many preferred carriers, so the plans your clients want will likely be accessible. Our account specialists know your target market and will inform you about the carriers best to partner with or new and competitive products that you could benefit from selling. Additionally, our carrier representatives can help you with topics like trainings, certifications, and completing enrollments. Support with ordering marketing and sales supplies and assistance with commission inquiries are also benefits available to you!

Online Contracting Assistance

Another advantage to partnering with an FMO is contracting assistance! Completing contracting for any carrier can be confusing. You have to find the paperwork, fill it out correctly, and know where to send it. Luckily, most FMOs offer contracting assistance to help ease the stress and confusion of this process.

At Ritter, we use prefilled contracting and the links are sent directly to your email. Our licensing representatives will work with you to ensure your paperwork is complete the first time you submit it. Then, they put it into the right hands at the carrier, so processing is as fast as possible.

2. Opportunities for Generating Medicare Leads

Co-op or lead opportunities are incentives some FMOs may offer to agents. Ritter, specifically, offers both! We want to help you have great sales success and expand your book of business.

Our T65 Lead program (not available in PA or TX) permits the sending of up to 250 generic mailers in a service area of your choice. These are sent out monthly on your behalf and at no cost! All leads acquired are available to you at just $12 a lead.

With Ritter co-op, we split costs up to 50 percent with qualifying agents! This benefit allows you to stay in budget while putting out great marketing materials to generate leads.

3. Access to Exclusive Technology

Many FMOs produce technology agents can benefit from by spending less time preparing and getting organized and more time making connections with clients.

Ritter has a number of tools for agents to use that help them reach their sales goals with ease, like the Medicare Quote Engine! This system allows you to quote multiple plans from several carriers simultaneously for faster rate generation. Its easy-to-use platform was developed with three initiatives in mind: efficiency, speed, and intelligence! And since the data on the quote engine is updated monthly, you can be confident that the information you give your clients is accurate!

Medicareful is another top tool that is exclusive to Ritter! This CMS-approved, consumer-facing quote engine allows agents to collect electronic Scopes of Appointment and enroll clients directly online. There is no financial commitment to create a site, only the benefit of marketing with your own personal URL for easy lead generation. Creating your own Medicareful site is quick and easy and will greatly benefit your sales process!

4. Staying Up to Date on the Latest Insurance News

A number of FMOs have blogs and podcasts to relay important information within the market. These topics can include compliance updates, new products, helpful, year-round tips for selling insurance and much more! Additionally, FMOs will often inform you of market changes, such as a new carrier in your state becoming available, product rates decreasing, or the expansion of a network or service area.

FMOs will often inform you of market changes, such as a new carrier in your state becoming available, product rates decreasing, or the expansion of a network or service area.

At Ritter, we have the Agent Survival Guide, which is updated frequently with informative articles on a variety of insurance topics geared toward the goal of success for agents. We also offer the Agent Survival Guide podcast, which you can listen to while you are on the go! We know your time is precious, so we offer versatile ways for you to keep up with recent news!

Another way we distribute information to agents is through webinars! Our company president, Craig Ritter, annually hosts his State of the Senior Market, which includes news on Medicare regulation, enrollment statistics, and trends within the industry!

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There are independent agents that “go it alone,” but having an extra level of support can make a difference. By partnering with an FMO, a whole organization is in your corner eager to help you through your sales process while you’re out in the field. You’ll be able to put all of your focus on your clients and help them choose the right plans to achieve the best possible outcome.

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