2019 Medicare Advantage & Part D Certification Info

Carriers are starting to launch their Medicare agent certification and product training courses for 2019! Did you know you can find many carriers’ Medicare certification and training details in one place?

In order to be “ready to sell” this AEP, you must complete your carriers’ annual certification requirements. Staying on top of their availability, access links, and details can be difficult — especially if you sell multiple carriers’ products.

There’s good news for you. Ritter Insurance Marketing collects and publishes all this info for agents to read for free!

2019 Medicare Certification Made Easy

On Ritter’s Certification Center, you’ll find there’s already Medicare certification info for multiple big-name carriers, including whether they require AHIP and if they help cover the cost.

Anyone who visits the Ritter Certification Center can view 2019 Medicare certification dates and links to 2018 and 2019 carrier-specific Medicare training requirements in one neat table. However, to view carrier-specific requirements, agents must log in to RitterIM.com. If you’re new to the site, you must register with RitterIM.com first. (Creating an account is free and only takes a minute.)

Ritter’s staff updates the Certification Center as soon as information becomes available. If you don’t see 2019 Medicare certification details for a carrier you work with, it may be because the information isn’t available yet. Keep checking back for updates!

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