Universal Life Insurance Training Library Now Available Through Ritter

Universal life products can be confusing to clients, particularly senior clients. Rather than shy away from offering these products, it is important for you to understand them, how they work, and their ideal clients. It is equally important that you can present these products to your clients in a way that they will understand.

To help you become more comfortable with universal life products, we’ve developed a vast training library that includes our in-house product trainings, as well as carrier- and product-specific trainings, agent presentations, and product guides. Simply click on a link below to start expanding your expertise.

If you’re not very familiar with universal life or our featured carriers, we highly recommend that you watch the recording of the Universal Life 101 webinar we recently hosted. (Brenda Salyer, our life insurance specialist, can provide you with the link.) During the presentation, we take an in-depth look at the different universal life products available through Ritter. We also review each product type and discuss appropriate scenarios for selling each form of coverage.

Ready to start learning more about guaranteed (GUL), index (IUL), and traditional (UL) universal life products? Please check out the materials below.

Carrier Recorded Trainings



Lincoln Financial Group

North American Company

Royal Neighbors of America

Carrier Training Presentations

American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas


John Hancock

Carrier Product Guides

American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas

Assurity Life Insurance Company

Banner Life/Legal and General America

John Hancock


Phoenix Life


United of Omaha

Looking for more info on our featured carriers or selling universal life insurance? Contact our life insurance specialist, Brenda Salyer, at 800-769-1847 ext. 302 or brenda.salyer@ritterim.com.

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